Block Modular Walls in Kennesaw, GA

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If you have a large piece of property, the chances are good that your yard and landscape aren’t perfectly level. If you want to maintain the unique features in your landscape, you will need an experienced landscaper to install retaining walls. If you live in Kennesaw, GA, you can trust this task to the team of experts at Sam Smith Landscaping. Learn how we can help upgrade and protect your landscape today.

The Purpose of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help maintain flat areas in landscapes that sit on a slope. These walls also help prevent erosion, which would otherwise increase the flood risk in your yard and decrease the fertility of your yard’s soil. Because of both of these functions, retaining walls help you maintain a more livable space on your property and allow you to maintain gardens for beauty or function.

Retaining walls can also help you add garden beds to a small yard without taking up too much space. The retaining walls allow you to have a tiered garden, which takes up space vertically instead of horizontally.

The Service We Offer

At Sam Smith Landscaping, we use block modular walls to construct retaining walls as part of your landscape. The modular system allows us to customize your wall as necessary to fit the shape and aesthetic design of your property. We can install these walls in place of existing retaining walls or create raised beds and other surfaces that require retaining walls.

We are experts in landscape design, so we know how to integrate the retaining walls with other elements of your landscape in order to create an effortless and beautiful scene. You’ll love spending your days in your yard after we get through with it.

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